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Skin care: 3 Best Foods to Eat For Your Skin!

The 3 Best Foods to Eat For Your Skin!

The 3 Best Foods to Add to your Skin Care Regimen for Healthy, Radiant Skin

The 3 Best Foods to Add to your Skin Care

Get healthy and radiant skin with The Lane Spa skin care today!

Girl eating dark chocolate skin care

We here at The Lane Spa are always looking for ways to keep our skin looking healthy, radiant, and glowing. Quality skin care products, repeated exfoliation, and consistently cleansing your skin are all ways to improve the look and feel of your skin. Occasionally what can be overlooked when considering ways to add to your skin care routine is that taking care of what goes into your body is just as important as what goes on it.
Eating fruits and vegetables are essential to your overall health and wellness. But they can also be incredibly beneficial to improving the look and feel of your skin! Eat the following foods on a regular basis to start seeing noticeable results!

Olive Oil skin care

1. Olive Oil
Fats are essential to plump and hydrated skin. Studies have shown that people who eat olive oil on a regular basis have fewer signs of aging skin than those who do not. This is because olive oils are full of monosaturated fatty acids which boost youthful looking skin appearance!

Tomatoes skin car e

2. Tomatoes
Estheticians will be the first people to tell you to skimp on direct sun exposure for extended periods of time to save your skin! Sunlight can be great for the body, but direct sun exposure without using protection can lead to skin damage, sunburn, and irreversible sun spots. Eating tomatoes are a great way to improve your skin natural’s SPF and can help shield against harmful rays. However, make sure that you continue to use skin care protection in addition to eating delicious and ripe tomatoes!

Girl eating dark chocolate

3. Dark Chocolate
Everyone’s favorite suggestion for heart health and skin care, chocolate! The unfortunate thing is that consuming too much dark chocolate for its antioxidants can lead to a wildly elevated caloric intake, which is great for your skin but terrible for your waistline! Small portions of dark chocolate are recommended for skin care routines for those who need hydration, and want their skin to have a smoother appearance.
The Lane Spa has a large staff of qualified estheticians who can provide unique and individualized skin care recommendations for you. You can view a list of our skincare services here, and our specialized skin care services (including specialized esthetic services) here.

Make sure to consult a dietitian before making any drastic changes to your diet! Call us to make an appointment for a specialized skin care service!

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