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Advanced Clinical Bodywork

Advanced Clinical Bodywork at The Lane Spa

Advanced Clinical Bodywork at The Lane Spa

Advanced Clinical Bodywork is an advanced treatment for people with physical pain, dysfunction, and compromised movement in the body. It is a specific therapeutic manipulation of the soft tissue that is not to be compared to traditional massage therapy.

The ultimate focus is on functional outcomes.

Our therapists have knowledge that includes assessment and advanced understanding of pathology and kinesiology.

One of our educated and experienced therapists Jorge Belmana has extensive credentials, 23 years in practice and numerous success testimonies from our clients utilizing these clinical techniques.

Important Credentials and Certifications For Advanced Clinical Bodywork

• Neuromuscular Therapy 1-5
• Myofascial Release & Myofascial Unwinding
• Chronic Spinal Dysfunction
• Integrated Manual Therapy  & Orthopedic Massage
• Posturology 101
• Integrative Visceral Balancing and Visceral Manipulation
• Somato Emotional Release 1 & 2
• Mind Body Awareness
• Osseous Release
• Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage
• Somatic 1 & 2
• CranioSacral Therapy Levels 1&2


One Hour: 89$                 30 Minutes: $60                 90 Minutes: $125                Series of 6: $300 ($50 Each)