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Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Being a licensed massage therapist

Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a holistic and non-invasive alternative to traditional western medical treatment for pain, discomfort, and stress related illnesses. In order to be properly certified to provide massage therapy services at The Lane Spa, our staff goes through extensive training to obtain the proper certifications and licenses that are required by the state of Florida to provide massage therapy services.  The Lane Spa offers a wide variety of massage therapy modalities and specialty services that can be viewed online here:

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Massage therapy benefits can range from relaxing sore muscles and relieving tension to alleviating serious mental and physical ailments, when used in conjunction with recommendations from a physician.  Modalities such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage can stimulate the lymphatic system within the body which helps to eliminate toxins that have built up in the body.  Services such as craniosacral massage utilizes very light touches on the massage service recipient’s scalp to help relieve a large number of disorders, such as:  persistent migraines, neck and back pain, and TMJ.  There are also numerous techniques that are involved in traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage services including varying strokes and pressures.


Not every type of massage is appropriate for everyone.  Women who are pregnant, individuals who have recently had certain types of medical procedures, or those who have allergies to oils or scents need to divulge this information to their massage therapist to make sure that they are given a service that is appropriate and safe for them.

Craniosacral licensed massage therapist

To become a licensed massage therapist who performs a plethora of massage therapy services, including the aforementioned craniosacral and manual lymphatic drainage modalities, one must go through years of training and receive specialized certifications in each of the areas of work.  Licensed Massage Therapist certifications vary slightly depending upon the state in which they are licensed.  Most often the required education is a 1-2 year training period and a passing grade on a licensing exam that is provided by the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) or The Massage and Bodywork Examination (MBLEx).  Both of these exams require a high level of skill to pass. In addition to determining what the medical history of their client is, to assess the proper level of care and the appropriate method to care for their client, the licensed massage therapist must be able to develop a level of rapport with their client and develop good communication skills.


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