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Dermaplaning: Now at The Lane Spa!

Dermaplaning: Instant results and radiant skin!

Dermaplaning at The Lane Spa!

As skincare and the science of esthetics advances, so do our methods of providing clients the most effective professional services that are at our fingertips.  We’re thrilled to announce The Lane Spa’s newest esthetic service, dermaplaning.  A safe and effective alternative to traditional manual or chemical exfoliation treatments, dermaplaning is a safe and flawless technique that immediately reveals soft and vibrant skin.  Dermaplaning (blading) rejuvenates skin and removes peach fuzz and dull dead skin from your face without the standard redness and irritation that other traditional methods like microdermabrasion can provoke.

Dermaplaning, can only be safely and appropriately performed by a licensed esthetician who has received a certification in the professional service.  Due to dermaplaning being performed with a scalpel being lightly run along the skin of the face, the service is only guaranteed to be both safe and effective when performed by a licensed professional – like those we have here at The Lane Spa.

Although this treatment is performed with tools that could lead to serious bodily injury when left to untrained individuals, it is completely and totally safe when adequate training has been received.  Dermaplaning is not only painless, but it is a quick service that yields instantaneous results!

To receive optimal results from dermaplaning, it should be received routinely from a licensed professional.  Optimally, dermaplaning is the most effective when it is received every 3 – 4 weeks, or as recommended by your esthetician at The Lane Spa.

Although dermaplaning can be appropriate for all different skin types, we encourage you to seek the advice of one of our trusted professionals to determine if dermaplaning would be the best option for you.  To eliminate dull, sallow, or peach fuzz skin, dermaplaning is a wonderful and effective chemical free option!

Booking your appointment at The Lane Spa for dermaplaning is just as simple and painless as the procedure.  Simply give us a call at your earliest convenience and we would be happy to help you schedule an appointment that best works with your personal schedule.

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