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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Palm Beach Gardens, FL

There are so many benefits to massage for healthy body, mind and spirit. It’s time you treated
yourself to feeling good and improving your mental and physical health. We are always here to
help you decide what treatment is best for your needs and can alter a massage to suit your
aches and pains. Learn More about The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Our Lane Spa Signature Massage

Massage Palm Beach Gardens

Our Lane Spa Signature Massage

An eclectic & therapeutic massage customized to
your body’s specific needs. We include a warm neck wrap
and finish with moist hot towels for your feet and back.

Swedish Style or Firm Pressure Massage

60 minutes $82.00

90 minutes $119.00

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes $92.00

90 minutes $129.00

Guests’ Favorite

Begin with our 60 minute Signature Massage accompanied by a 15 minute invigorating aromatherapy Scalp Massage followed by a 15 minute Feel Good foot massage with added foot scrub

90 minutes $125

Marcia’s Muscle Melt Massage

This special massage uses our Signature blend of pure arnica oil for aching muscles and all over stress relief. A warm Eucalyptus and Peppermint Back Scrub and  an invigorating Aromatic Scalp Massage are included in this treatment.

90 Minutes $ 125

The Essence of Nature Massage

Begin by personally choosing an organic blend of heavenly essential oils.

Your choices include:  Sore Muscle Relief;  Pure Energy/Vitality;  Anxiety Be Gone;  Blissful/Relaxing;  Uplifting/Joy.

Peacefully drift off during your one hour signature massage which includes a serenade with our crystal sound bowl or wooden rainstick.  A few warmed earth stones are added to help infuse the essential oils into your body.

60 minutes $89

90 minutes $125

Lover’s Lane Couples Massage

Escape to our “Couples Suite” and indulge yourselves with warm exotic oils during your Lane Spa signature massage. A warm eucalyptus and peppermint back scrub is accompanied by a hot towel finish!  Complimentary sparkling water and a chocolate treat will be offered to both of you!

60 minutes $99.00 pp

90 minutes $125.00 pp

Pink Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

The healing effects of our warmed Pink Himalayan Salt Stones will melt away your sore and tense muscles. These authentic stones will be enjoyed during your signature massage. The Pink Himalayan Salt Stones benefit your body by reducing inflammation, removing toxins, stimulating circulation, calming your nervous system, exfoliating the skin and relaxing your body.

One Hour $99

Ninety Minutes $129

Anti-Stress Massage

This massage features certified organic nourishing oil infused with essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, and Melissa. A few warmed basalt stones will be added to ease those areas of soreness and stiffness. Our customized neck treatment includes a steamy hot towel placed under your neck with just enough ease and technique to gently stretch to lessen tension and stress. It wouldn’t be named Anti-Stress without our relaxing scalp massage utilizing these aromatic essential oils.

60 minutes $89

90 minutes $125

Pre-Natal Massage

Every aspect of this special massage is customized for an expectant Mom. All of our pre-natal therapists are professionally trained in clinical and relaxing techniques, safety and specific body support for each trimester. We use 3 styles of body, neck and support pillows. Your baby will love it too!

Benefits: Supports a healthy uterine environment; Reduces tension, stress and anxiety; Treats common discomforts of pregnancy; Speeds venous and lymph circulation; Decreases muscle tension, restores postural balance;Prepares the woman physically, emotionally and mentally for labor.

Pregnant women must be under the care of an Obstetrician or Midwife and be at least 8 weeks pregnant.

60 minutes $85.00

Active Life Body Bliss Massage

This repairing and replenishing treatment improves muscle function and recovery while reducing unwanted inflammation. Soothing compression and invigorating stretches with hot towel compresses melt the muscles of the back and enhance mobility while stimulation of pressure points on either side of the spine boosts energy. An application of healing Sombra or CBD medical cream soothes and restores muscles while decreasing inflammation. Your therapist will complete the massage with an energy point scalp and neck treatment.

60 Minutes $92

90 Minutes $129

Therapeutic Massage with Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a massage therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.  The suction allows for oxygenated blood to flow to that compromised area on the body.  People love cupping for many reasons.  It helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well being.  It is also a great tool for people who request deep tissue massage.

60 Minutes $99

90 Minutes $135

Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical massage therapy is a massage therapy technique that focuses on results oriented therapeutic style to help alleviate physical pain and body ailments.

60 minutes     $99

90 minutes-    $135


One of the few times you will be happy someone walked all over you! This flowing choreographed massage is performed with your therapist’s feet and is easily adjusted for many different pressure techniques. The stretches are results oriented and the rhythmic routine is customized to your body’s needs.

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $125

Exhilarating Foot Massage

This treatment includes an added foot scrub and hot towel finish.

30 minutes $50

Swe-Thai Massage

If you enjoy specialized stretching techniques during your massage, this treatment is for you. Your custom massage combines the technique of Thai Massage (stretching and opening your body) with advanced Swedish Massage. You will feel more flexible, fluid and that tightness in your body will disappear!

75 minutes $105

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

M.L.D. is a hands-on massage technique designed to activate, stimulate and cleanse your lymphatic system. This specialized treatment is imperative before and after any surgery (especially cosmetic). It will alleviate bruising and inflammation and is a wonderful body detoxifying treatment. (Please see our informative brochure.)

30 minutes $55.00

60 minutes $90.00

90 minutes $125.00

Craniosacral Therapy

This treatment is beneficial for both mental and physical concerns. The technique is subtle, deeply relaxing and safe for everyone. Craniosacral assists in promoting relaxation and stress relief. Those who suffer from sleeplessness, headaches, and chronic pain will benefit from this service.

60 minutes $90.00

Lavender Dreams

Harmonize from within while you experience our Lavender Body Polish followed by our one hour signature massage using wild lavender essential oil, and special massage techniques. To conclude this blissful feeling you will be gently wrapped in a warm cocoon to allow all the healing properties of the lavish lavender oil to penetrate your skin while your therapist gives you a luxurious foot and scalp massage.

90 minutes   $135


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